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V-fit 70kg 6 foot Barbell Weight Set

R.R.P £270.00



Versatile and tough - these Weights are the ultimate addition to your home gym. Sculpt your muscles like a pro! This oversized 30mm barbell feels great in the hands to perform any barbell exercise you can think of, including deadlifts, bent over rows, overhead press, curls & raises.

  • Solid steel etched bar
  • Includes Spin-lock Collars
  • European 30mm ID sizing
  • Ideal for use with our matching V-fit STB-09 Weight Benches (available separately)
  • 1 year warranty
  • Shipped from the UK 

Included in the pack;
2 x 20kg discs
2 x 10kg discs
1 x 10kg solid steel 6ft straight barbell 
2 x solid steel spin-lock collars

Please note, the 30mm diameter bar will not fit the smaller 25mm domestic weight discs.

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