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The weight bench - a perfect way into the world of strength training, weight lifting and bodybuilding.  Sure, you need to start with a weight set - and great acomplishments can be made with this alone, but there comes a time when you need to incorporate the bench.  It gives a greater range of movement over the floor exercises you have probably been doing or a  safer and more comfortable environment over the makeshift plank of wood and two breeze blocks if you haven't and with the built in leg unit it offers a more varied lower body workout.  Factor in the incline backrest feature which can be found on all of our benches and now you can perform flat bench press (regular or narrow grip), dumbbell press, incline dumbbell press and flyes.  Think a bit further into it and now theres also skull crushers and incline dumbbell curls for additional arm work which can be added into the mix.  By using the bench as a stable platform now you can also add one arm dumbbell pulls - the list goes on and that's just the entry level bench..

Next model up adds a set of quick-detachable pec arms for a guided chest exercise.  Past that and we're at our top of the range domestic weight bench which includes a dedicated height adjustable Squat Stand, a Lat Tower with cable operated weight slide for top or bottom bar attachment and to top it all off a Preacher Pad for those bicep sculpting concentration curls.

The home weight bench goes back decades and is where most of the great bodybuilders started their careers before progressing to larger machines at their local gym.  Now you can do the same!

All our benches are load tested for strength and stability, passing current British Standard testing requirements.  Simple assembly is required and tools and instructions are included. 

Check out or matching weight sets, a perfect fit for a winning combination with solid steel bars, etched for grip - we stock barbell sets, dumbbell sets and add on weight disc sets.


V-fit 70kg 6 foot Barbell Weight Set

R.R.P £270.00

Our Price £139.99

V-fit 100kg Olympic Weight Set

R.R.P £260.00

Our Price £209.99

V-fit STB09-1 Folding Weight Bench with Leg Unit

R.R.P £130.00

Our Price £79.99

V-fit STB09-4 Folding Weight Bench and 50kg Weight Set

R.R.P £495.00

Our Price £219.99

V-fit STB09-2 Folding Weight Bench

R.R.P £155.00

Our Price £86.99

V-fit 5kg Weight Plate Set (2 x 5kg weight discs)

R.R.P £30.00

Our Price £16.99

V-fit STB09-4 Folding Weight Bench with Lat Tower and Squat Stand

R.R.P £240.00

Our Price £140.99

V-fit 50kg barbell dumbbell weight set

R.R.P £140.00

Our Price £93.99

V-fit STB09-2 Bench and 50kg Weight Set

R.R.P £365.00

Our Price £173.99

V-fit STB09-1 Bench and 50kg Weight Set

R.R.P £350.00

Our Price £164.99

V-fit Olympic Weight Bench

R.R.P £335.00

Our Price £199.99

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