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Elliptical Cross Trainers, Air & Magnetic

Cross Trainers or Elliptical Cross Trainers as they are sometimes called, provide a varied full body, low impact workout.  Perfect for improving fitness, muscle toning, weight loss and calorie burning.  Used regularly and alongside a healthy balanced diet, these home trainers will assist in burning fat and promoting weight loss at the same time as firming up and toning muscles. Additional health benefits include improved circulation, cardio fitness and increased inner well-being.

 Available with either air resistance or magnetic resistance, fully adjustable resistance and LCD readout. Higher models also include a pulse facility from which the user can view their heart rate readout in bpm on screen. These models also have a fixed central safety handle which is ideal for beginners to hold on to while they become accustomed to the elliptical movement, before progressing on to the dual action handles which will then work the upper body in conjunction with the lower body all at the same time, improving fitness, muscle tone and calorie burning in an extremely efficient manner.  Imagine having to work your legs first, then upper body, then do some cardio work all on seperate machines, time consuming and potentially dispiriting  - work smarter not harder!

You can also check out the next generation of cross trainer - the 2-in-1 Cycle Cross Trainers, which are the same as these but with the addition of an adjustable saddle for an even more varied workout.

MOTIVEfitness by UNO CT400 Manual Magnetic Cross Trainer

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