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Multi Gyms

Finding motivation to leave the home and go to the gym is not always an easy task. Or maybe you just don't like working out in front of other people. But if your goal is still gaining strength, building muscle and toning up then the multi gym for home use is for you.

Multi gyms are highly versatile cable operated machines and provide the perfection solution for a full body workout in the comfort of your own home.  If you are serious about investing in a fully kitted-out home gym, these strength training multigyms will help you save money instead of spending thousands of pounds on individual equipment. 

Multi Gyms are also a great option for those new to weight training. For newcomers, many deem this type of apparatus safer to use than the traditional weight benches with free-weights, mainly due to the framework of the multi gym guiding the user's movements throughout the exercise, meaning there's less chance of incorrect form causing injury. The heavy weight stack is well out of the way, behind the user and when selecting the weight level there is no chance of dropping them or forgetting to lock them in place on a barbell...

All body parts and major muscle groups can safely be worked and with our modern multi gym designs, cable swaps between exercises are a thing of the past - simply slide the pin into the desired amount of weight and perform the exercise (however, extension cables are still provided because the range of movement between taller and shorter users can vary). 

Some gyms use a clever 2:1 pulley ratio in their cable systems, which means whatever weight you select to lift is doubled at the point of exercise. The advantage of this is that the gym can carry less overall weight and provide a higher maximum resistance, outperforming regular gyms.  Their lighter weight may also make them more suited for installation away from the ground floor because of this - however, if the gym is used as intended in a controlled manor then this shouldn’t be a problem. The negative side to a 2:1 set-up is usually that the gym is not quite as "smooth" to use and the jumps between weights can be a little high if you are not ready to progress to the next level. The flip side to this is a regular 1:1 ratio gym, where the weight you select in the stack is the exactly the weight that you lift, the movement feels a tad smoother and the jump up to the next weight when you are ready is not as big - the only negative here is that the maximum weight/resistance may not be as much due to the room all the weight plates take up on the gym and it also makes the overall weight of the multigym heavier.

One point to note is that on some gyms the weight stack (the total amount of weight) included in the gym cannot be upgraded or added to in the future, so you would need to take this into consideration when choosing which gym is right for you. Finally, gyms can also be quite large so check that you have the room for them first!

V-fit STG Viper Home Multi Gym with Leg Press 150lb

R.R.P £800.00

Our Price £549.99

V-fit STG/09-3 Herculean Python Multi Gym with Stepper 220lb

R.R.P £820.00

Our Price £449.99

V-fit STG/09-2 Herculean Compact ADDER Home Gym 220lb

R.R.P £680.00

Our Price £359.99

V-fit Herculean LFG2 Cobra Lay Flat Multigym 140lb

R.R.P £480.00

Our Price £299.99

Conversion Kit for V-fit LFG2 Cobra Lay Flat Home Multi Gym

R.R.P £40.00

Our Price £29.99

Conversion Kit for V-fit Adder & Python Home Multi Gyms

R.R.P £40.00

Our Price £29.99

V-fit Adder to Python Gym Conversion Kit

R.R.P £200.00

Our Price £99.99

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