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Treadmills (Folding & non-folding with Incline)

Our range of Treadmills are designed to help you to exercise on a regular basis to significantly improve your health.  Just 20 to 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each day can bring improved cardiovascular fitness, reduced risk of heart disease and better blood circulation.  Running on a treadmill can also assist in weight loss by burning those extra calories that would otherwise be stored as bodyfat, the average person jogging at 10kph (6mph) could burn around 400 extra calories (that's 4 packets of crisps..) and can boost that by a further 20% if adjusting the deck to run on an incline.  

Sure, you can put on your trainers and hit the streets, but we all know that enthusiasm can start to dwindle on those cold winter nights, or if it's raining outside, if its already dark, or you simply don't want to miss the latest episode of your favourite soap.  Not only that, running on hard concrete can seriously impact your joints over time - unlike our range of electronic home treadmills, all of which have sprung running decks with top models also featuring additional cushioning.  Running, jogging or walking on a predictable surface such as a motorised running deck also reduces the risk of tripping on an otherwise uneven road surface, leaving you with less time worrying about injury and more time focusing on improving health, fitness and muscle tone. - there are some pretty major muscles being worked here, quads, glutes, hamstring, calves and to a lesser degree, core and arms.

Our range of space saving treadmills can revolutionise your home workout, simply drop down the running deck, get on and press start - that's it (for advanced users there are also various programmes to select and choose from if you wish).  Then quickly and easily lift the deck back up again when not in use to save floor space.  There's no need for additional software and unnecessary costs as long as you can track your progress, the LCD screens offer all the information you need to make a note of or download one of many apps now available for your smartphone to keep updated with your distance walked or ran, calories burned or active time.

Our range of mains powered treadmills from V-fit and MOTIVE fitness start from basic compact units to full size, fully loaded deluxe models with speed ranges right up to 15mph for more serious athletes.  All are equipped with our safety key emergency stop design and fixed safety handles to allow you to gain the confidence you need to then go on to running unassisted. The two main criteria for choosing a treadmill have to be, a) how fast do you intend to run and b) how long is your stride length, we're more than happy to give you any advice.

Established 2002, Beny Sports Co. UK Ltd is a UK owned company with UK stock, with influence over product design and first-class quality control procedures in place. Our prices are typically less than rrp and with free tracked delivery available, all are supplied with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. For peace of mind, our friendly and helpful customer service team is only a free phone call away should any problems arise.

V-fit FIT START Folding Motorised Treadmill

R.R.P £440.00

Our Price £219.99

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