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Vibro Plates & Oscillating Platforms

So, what is the difference between a Vibration Plate (also known as a Vibro plate) or an Oscillating Platform and what exactly do they do? Well, the simple answer is Vibro Plates vibrate and Oscillating Platforms oscillate. If you are none the wiser for having read that then don't worry you are not alone! These machines are relatively new to the market compared to say, exercise bikes which have been around for decades. They are mains operated and contain an electric motor which drives a see-saw type mechanism within the machine on top of which sits a platform for the user to either sit, stand, or lean on. Vibro plates are usually the cheaper option and only have a vibration action which is ok, but a fuller workout can be gained from a true oscillating platform. Imagine standing on the machine, then when you press go it starts to move the platform you are standing on, slowly at first and only by a small amount. It will push up on your left foot, then the right foot in a see-saw motion from side to side and that is an oscillation. It can be as slow as one oscillation per second or up to fifty or more at full speed! The idea is that your body's muscles react to the machines movement by flexing whichever muscles are required for you to keep balance, so if you are standing on it the main muscle group would be quads, hamstrings and glutes. The faster the machine oscillates, the harder your muscles must work to counter the movement. But you can't just switch it on and stand there (no exercise is that easy! )... it would work to some degree but you will get the most benefit when you "adopt" a certain position, so again if we take our example of standing on the machine, taking and holding a slight squat pose will already place extra stress on your thigh muscles and so when the machine starts they will be worked as intended.  Is it just for legs? Not all, adopting a push-up style position with your hands on the platform will work your upper body and in fact taking any position you can think of will work that part of the body. Is this an aerobic exercise? Not really, you should not find yourself out of breath on one of these. Is this a strength exercise? Kind of, but not in the same way as heavy weightlifting - you will not be growing muscles like a bodybuilder. But it is an all over body workout with emphasis on muscular endurance and muscle tone and not only that, but there is also a host of other benefits that come with this type of training. When performed correctly it is possible to attain greater circulation, lower blood pressure, increased bone density, excess calorie burning and improved balance & coordination.

MOTIVE fitness by U.N.O. OP1/30 Lo-Line Energy Plate

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