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Exercise Bikes Magnetic, Programmable & Folding

Stay fit and healthy with some of the best exercise bikes on the market supplied to you by Beny Sports. Our own exercise bike brands include V-fit, XerFit & MOTIVE fitness.

Exercise bikes are highly convenient to use, they are there when you want them without having to build up the motivation to go all the way down to the gym on a cold and rainy night. Versatility is their middle name - whether you are looking to tone up, build strength or improve fitness, our range of indoor exercise bikes can do just that.  Exercise bikes provide a low impact workout as opposed to road riding by offering an even and stable platform to go easy on your joints and is also far safer than taking to the streets when you simply don’t have to.  Targeting your lower body muscles is a fantastic way to sculpt and strengthen your legs. The main muscles worked primarily include calves, hamstrings, quads and glutes with core muscles and upper body effort helping to stabilise the movement. Steady exercise that raises the heart rate to a set level can work to burn excess body fat (just 30 minutes can result in an additional 200 to 300 calories being burnt), while higher speed and interval training (without the terrain of the real world slowing you down) can assist in improving cardiovascular fitness working the heart and lungs, this in turn can improve the body’s ability to utilise oxygen, lower blood pressure and decrease bad cholesterol. Cranking up the bike resistance dial and pedalling at a slower pace can significantly increase muscle strength over an untrained individual. All this can promote energy levels by 20% leaving you feeling fresher, fitter and stronger than before. Whether you are looking to effectively improve your cardiovascular health or lose weight, these exercise bikes are the perfect fit for those also looking to save money on a gym membership and are tight on space. 


We stock a range of high-quality machines to suit your fitness goals including upright, folding, magnetic, recumbent and studio exercises bikes. A studio bike is ideal for sprints and interval training or look at a programmable upright cycle for a challenging endurance routine. Folding bikes are ideal if you are short on space and those with limited or restricted hip mobility may find one of our recumbent models comfier to use.  Why not complement an aerobic exercise bike with one of our anaerobic gyms or weight benches for the full package?


Established 2002, Beny Sports Co. UK Ltd is a UK owned company with UK stock, with influence over product design and first-class quality control procedures in place. Our prices are typically less than rrp and with free tracked delivery available, all are supplied with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. For peace of mind, our friendly and helpful customer service team is only a free phone call away should any problems arise.

V-fit ATC1 Air Cycle

R.R.P £275.00

Our Price £149.99

MOTIVEfitness by U.N.O. HT200 Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike

R.R.P £230.00

Our Price £94.99

XerFit X Bike - SPECIAL OFFER PRICE £109.99 (was £135.99)

R.R.P £240.00

Our Price £109.99

MOTIVEfitness by UNO ET1000 Programmable Magnetic Upright Cycle

R.R.P £400.00

Our Price £209.99

was £400.00

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