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Exercise Bikes

Stay fit and healthy with some of the best exercise bikes on the market supplied to you by Beny Sports. Exercise bikes provide a low impact workout targeting your lower body muscles and are a great way to sculpt and strengthen your legs. We stock a range of high-quality machines to suit your fitness goals including upright, recumbent and studio exercises bikes. Whether you’re looking to effectively improve your cardiovascular health or lose weight, these exercise bikes are the perfect fit for those looking to save money on a gym membership and are tight on space. 

UNO Fitness Recumbent Bike RC4.0

R.R.P £1,400.00

Our Price £1,349.99

V-fit G Series RC Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike

R.R.P £300.00

Our Price £269.99

V-fit ATC-16/3 Aerobic Training Cycle

R.R.P £475.00

Our Price £449.99

V-fit ATC-16/1 Aerobic Training Cycle

R.R.P £350.00

Our Price £329.99

V-fit S2020 Indoor Studio Training Cycle

R.R.P £500.00

Our Price £449.99

V-fit MXC1 Folding X-Frame Magnetic Exercise Bike

R.R.P £170.00

Our Price £159.99

XerFit X Bike

R.R.P £185.00

Our Price £169.99

UNO Fitness Upright Bike EB4.0

R.R.P £1,200.00

Our Price £1,149.99

V-fit AL-16/1U Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike

R.R.P £200.00

Our Price £169.99

MOTIVEfitness by U.N.O. HT200 Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike

R.R.P £200.00

Our Price £169.99

MOTIVEfitness by UNO ET1000 Programmable Magnetic Upright Cycle

R.R.P £350.00

Our Price £299.99

MOTIVEfitness by UNO HT400 Manual Upright Exercise Cycle

R.R.P £300.00

Our Price £249.99

V-fit ATC1 Air Exercise Bike

R.R.P £215.00

Our Price £199.99

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