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V-fit STB09-4 Folding Weight Bench with Lat Tower & Squat Stand

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V-Fit STB09-4 Bench with Leg, Fly, Squat & Lat Tower Bench with Leg Unit, Fly (Pec-Dec), Squat Rack, Preacher Pad and Lat Tower attachments

Our top of the range bench with all the extras which also conveniently folds for storage - now available in our new colour scheme! Perform Bench Press, Butterfly Press, Leg Extension, Leg Bicep Curl, Squats, Lat Pulldowns, Tricep extensions, Standing Bicep Curls, Concentration Bicep Curls, Upright Rows and other exercises with either a flat or incline backrest and loading upto 200kg combined user and weights upper limit. This compact adjustable weight bench is of strong sturdy construction with a tough paint finish that is ideal for the home body builder.


Frame Combination 38mm & 33mm Square Tubular Steel Main Frame.
Frame Support Black Coloured Rubber / Plastic Frame End Caps.
Frame Finish Chip Resistant Grey Sandtex Epoxy Powder Coated.
Seats and Backrest Cloth Backed, Deep Padded Vinyl Covered Seat and Backrest with Screen Printed
V-fit Logo.
Backrest Incline Positions Flat and Three Incline Angles.
Grips and Rollers Expanded Foam Grips and Leg Rollers.
Resistance System Free Weight System. (Weights NOT Included).
Maximum Weight Loadings Barbell Stands 90kg (200kg including User Body Weight) - Leg Extension 35kg - Pec Dec 20kg - Squat Rack 80kg - Lat Tower 40kg – TOTAL WEIGHT LOADING 200kg.
Exercise Stations Bench Press.
Leg Extension - Locking - 3 Position Height Adjustment.
Crunches / Sit-ups.
Pec Dec - Removable.
Walk-In Squat Rack - 4 Position Height Adjustment.
Preacher Pad - 3 Position Height Adjustment.
Lat Tower - 2 Position Height Adjustment (Front and Back Lat Pulldowns).
Accessories None Fitted.
Maximum In-Use Dimensions L 160cm x W 107cm x H 205cm x Wt 32kg
Packed Dimensions L 109cm x W 46cm x H 16.5cm x Wt 33.8kg
Maximum User Weight 110kg / 242lbs / 17.2 Stones
Guarantee Period / Suitability 12 Months Parts Supply - Domestic Use Only.

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