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V-fit Treadmill Motor Drive Belt

R.R.P £20.00



Replacement Drive Belt for V-fit Treadmills, various sizes available;

160J / 406J (Fits models: 10KPT)
180J / 457J / 459J (Fits models: Los Angeles, LA2, PSTv-04, T1 Power Strider, ATR-05, CPTv-02,Fit-Start, Xerfit, TRV1-12, CX6, CX9)
220J / 559J (Fits models: Stroller STv1-M & STv1-P, Jogger JTv2-P)

Please select the correct size from the drop down menu (don't worry if you see more than one size, for example the 220J belts are the same as the 559J belts, just labelled differently).


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