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Indoor Mini Trampolines

Rebounders, or mini trampolines are low to the ground, stable and provide an excellent alternative for indoor exercising. Primarily designed for individual aerobic exercise with emphasis on calorie burn and cardiovascular health but with additional benefits such as improved endurance, better balance & coordination. This type of exercise can also relieve stress and tension and there is also research indicating that trampolining can have a positive effect on bone density and strength.

Muscle toning and strengthening can also be achieved. Bouncing & running on the spot will exercises the back, core, and leg muscles. Arms, neck, and glutes also come in to play.

Can be used as great warm up exercise prior to weight training or advanced cardio.

But the best part is, it’s fun! 

V-fit Tramp-Jogger

R.R.P £70.00

Our Price £57.99

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