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Spin Bike Style Indoor Bikes & Studio Bikes

These bikes differ from regular exercise bikes, they are designed to stand up to the rigours of hardcore training, provide a different riding position and offer higher resistance.  Not only that, the fittings for the saddle and pedals are most likely compatible with your road going version (if you have one) so you can also train with your favourite components should you wish.

Higher resistance - on models with fibre pad resistance you can adjust the tension to create drag on the flywheel and simulate riding uphill.  For those of you wondering if this would be enough, the fibre pads can almost lock up the wheel if you dial it up high enough!  Keep them well lubed and they will reward with smooth and quiet operation.

Tougher frames - with user weight limits around 125kg (that's over 19 stone) this is typically much more than the average regular exercise bike.  Studio bikes (sometimes referred to as spinning bikes) have stronger steel frames and the low slung riding position enables the rider to adopt the standing position, out of the saddle for higher training levels.

Add in common fitting saddle rail attachments with 9/16th threaded pedals and your all set to go..

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