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V-fit Herculean Anaconda Home Gym System


Congratulations, you've just found the gym that you have been searching for - deriving its name from the the most revered of constrictors, the V-fit Anaconda Home Gym System is here.  With every station you need for a total body workout you can develop the look and strength that you want, in the comfort of your own home.  The Anaconda's modular design allows you to construct it along a wall or in a corner, with the VKR & Ab Board either to the left, right or behind - it's up to you.  This gym has it all - the permanent cable arrangement means no swapping of cables between exercises and with the lift ratio of 1:1 the mass of weights you select is what you actually lift, so with a generous 16 weights to choose from there shouldn't be any massive hikes before you're ready to progress to the next level. 

In every detail of this gym you will notice design and innovation, the new backrest is in three sections, with the headrest deeper than the other two for a more supported position.  The seat has four height settings so all users are better accommodated.  The new E-Z style lat bar allows for multi-hand positioning and also doubles up for a great curl bar when using the lower station or the height adjustable, detachable Preacher Pad.  The ab board is fully adjustable for both decline angle and pad spacing along with a gentle anatomical curve to the backrest, again providing adequate body positioning for all sizes of users - it neatly folds up after use too.  On the lower station there is a row bar for seated or upright rowing, this can also be attached to the upper station if you prefer tricep pressdowns with a flat bar.  The dual position leg unit doubles up to enable both leg extensions and standing hamstring curls, just as the space saving chest press station also incorporates the pec-dec.  

Forged from cold steel, dressed in chip resistant paint and trimmed with hard wearing vinyl.. this gym, sporting V-fit's signature black & orange logos is the one to have.  British safety standards tested for loading & stability, each cable rated at x6 more than the maximum, this complete home gym system is built to last. 

This gym will allow you to perform the following basic cable exercises (in addition to your own infinite variations);

Lat Pulldown (wide or narrow grip) - Straight Arm Pulldown - Triceps Pressdown - Chest Press (Bench Press) - Butterfly Press - Bicep Curl - Preacher Curl - Upright Row - Bent Over Row - Seated Row - Adductor kicks - Leg Extension - Hamstring Curl - Deadlift - Vertical Knee Raise - Sit Ups & Crunches.



50mm Square, 60mm x 30mm Oblong and 60mm round tubular steel main frame.

Frame Support

Impact absorbing rubberised frame end caps.

Frame Finish

Chip-resistant, black Sandtex epoxy powder coated frame for life long resilience.

Seats and Backrests

Deep padded cloth backed vinyl covered seat, backrests VKR support pads and ab-board with screen printed V-fit ST logos.

Grips and Rollers

High density expanded foam grips and leg roller pads. 

Resistance System

Online, no change cable operated resistance system with 16 x 4.75kg aggregate filled vinyl weight plates.

Maximum Resistance

90kg RESISTANCE on the bench press station. 

Weight Stack Cover

Black 2-piece polypropylene cover.

Ab Board

Height (angle) adjustable with curved backrest frame.  Rubberised end caps and high density expanded foam toe pads.


Padded ankle strap for leg or wrist exercises. 400mm straight Sandtex coated curl bar and a multi-angled Sandtex coated lat bar for upper body and back exercises.

Exercise Stations

Bench Press / Chest Press / Lat Pulldown (Front and Back) / Pec Dec / Leg Extension Back Leg Curls / Upright Rows / Crunches / Sit-ups / Knee Raise / Leg Lift

Maximum In-Use Dimensions

L 2200mm x W 2150mm x H 1980mm x Wt. 150.15kg

Packed Dimensions

Box 1 - L 1955mm x W 685mm x H 200mm x Wt. 76.10kg.

Box 2 - L 380mm x W 220mm x H 225mm x Wt. 23.8kg.

Box 3 - L 380mm x W 220mm x H 225mm x Wt. 23.8kg.

Box 4 - L 380mm x W 220mm x H 300mm x Wt. 27.6kg.

Maximum User Weight

125kg / 275lbs / 19.6 Stones

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Customer Reviews (1)


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