V-fit Herculean Adder to Python upgrade kit


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This kit upgrades your existing V-fit STG/09-2 Adder Home Gym to a V-fit STG/09-3 Python Home Gym, the kit is not a gym on its own.  The gyms in the photos are for illustration purposes only.

The kit includes the VKR attachments to enable vertical knee raise exercises, the preacher pad for concentrated bicep curls and also includes the twin-hydraulic stepper unit for aerobic exercise or warming up/cooling down prior to and after working out on the gym. It attaches directly onto the side of your gym and comes with all the necessary bolts and fixings aswell as assembly instructions.

This kit is only designed for use on the V-fit STG/09-2 Herculean Adder Home Gym and will not work with any other V-fit gym.  Please check with us before buying if you are unsure and supply the serial number from your gym.  

The colour of this kit is grey framed and matches last years model - not the current version of the gym where the frames are now black in colour. The Kit however will still fit on the black gyms.  Because of this this colour difference the price has been reduced significantly, so a bargain for those who already own the grey framed Adder gyms!

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