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MOTIVEfitness by U.N.O. Challenge Power Station Multi Gym



The multi-functional "Multi-Gym Challenge" power station from MOTIVE Fitness by U.N.O brings professional training into your own home. Thanks to the extensive range of this equipment you have over 45 different exercises to choose from in which to train your muscles. With the versatile cable system you can train almost all muscle groups using the stations provided, including the classics in power training - chest press & lat pull, along with flyes, leg extension, crunches and many more.

With this MOTIVE Fitness power station you can start your own tailored workout to strengthen the chest, abdomen, legs, arms, back and shoulder muscles.

The roomy cockpit on this gym caters for all sizes of users and the stylish deluxe padded seating not only looks good, but provides more than adequate comfort while training.

At the rear of the gym you will find the dip station for a heavy triceps workout, along with the VKR support to bring extra depth to your ab training programme. Tucked away neatly under this is the useful twin-hydraulic stepper which is ideal for warming up pre-exercise and cooling down after. But despite all these extra features, the "Challenge" multi-gym with a width of only 102cm, a length 205cm and a height 203cm remains frugal when it comes to space.

The "Challenge" multi-gym has 10 weights to select from ranging from approx. 10lb to a useable 100lb, ideal if you're working up levels as there are no big jump-ups in weight.

The "Challenge" power station from MOTIVE Fitness is the ideal apparatus for those who want to maximise training possibilities in a limited space environment.

Technical details:

Chest Press Station
Pec Dec Station
Lat Station (Lat and curl bars included)
Leg Unit
Low Cable Pulley
Stepper with two hydraulic cylinders
Additional arm and leg cuffs
Measurements (L / W / H): approx. 205cm/102cm/202cm
Weight: 103.8kg
Maximum user weight: 264lb
Incl. Assembly and operating instructions as well as tool set
Self-assembly with assembly instructions
TÜV tested

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