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MOTIVEfitness by UNO AB-18/1 Aerobic Speed Bike FACTORY SECOND

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The Aerobic Speed Bike from MOTIVEfitness by UNO - a revolution in home fitness. A brand new design, taking cues from cycling, spinning & cross training, this machine has been created with the sole purpose of being the one-stop machine for cardio blasting, calorie burning, fitness boosting fun.  

Nowadays it's rare that a new product in the fitness market is not a gimmick or here-today, gone-tomorrow fad or just something that you think you need but actually does very little for you. But this is where it all changes, from the moment you mount the Aerobic Speed Bike you can instantly tell that it is going to give you the workout that you are looking for.

First, unfold the Aerobic Speed Bike and select your body position - this ranges from upright (for beginners) to "plank" (for advanced users). Then, dial in the resistance level with 1 being the easiest, to 8 the most challenging. Finally, take hold of the ergonomically designed handlebars, slip your feet into the toe clips and begin..

You will immediately recognise that this is a superior way of exercising and looking down you will notice the conveniently positioned LCD screen, showing your current workout time, theoretical calorie burn, distance & speed and also your heart rate when you grip the pulse pads fitted to the bars. This is essential to monitor which heart rate zone you are working in, so you can tweak your workout to target either gut-busting fat loss or all out sweat-dripping cardio fitness. Minute-for-minute this exercise will burn more calories that racket sports, swimming, or running can do alone.

If part way through your workout you feel that your not working hard enough, it's easy to notch up the resistance dial without having to dismount or even stop pedalling. The action is smooth and quiet with no friction noise, the momentum of the pedal action sports a natural movement which just "feels right". 

With time, you can select the advanced body position which leans you all the way forward, increasing the effort required by your upper body to support the movement and places stress on different parts of your legs muscles.
Your thighs, hips & glutes simply won't know what's hit them... 

Full specifications as below.


Combination 60 x 30mm oval tubular steel main frame with 32mm diameter round tubular steel handlebars and 80mm diameter floor frame supports.

Frame Support

Sit-flat, dial adjust rear frame end caps.  Integrated transportation roller wheels.

Frame Finish

Chip resistant textured dark grey coloured epoxy powder coated frame finish.

Cycle Action Single / Dual / Triple

Single user action.  (Forward and reverse motion).

Drive System Chain / Belt

High torque drive belts with fixed wheel drive.

Resistance System

5kg balanced chromed cast iron flywheel.  Mechanically operated magnetic resistance adjustment.

Resistance Adjustment

8-position twist adjust, variable tension controller.


Contoured, formed welded tube with high density foam padded hand grips.  Twist and pull threaded knob with 4-position user angle adjustment.


None fitted user standing operation.


Racing style pedals with adjustable toe straps.

Exercise Monitor

6-Function exercise monitor with Calorie (Theoretical Calorie Burn), Distance (Kilometres), Odometer, Scan, Speed (km/h) & Time (Minutes / Seconds) Modes.

Maximum In-Use Dimensions

Min: - L 85cm x W 51cm x H 154cm and Max: - L 130cm x W51cm x H 123cm x Wt. 22.5kg

Packed Dimensions

L 109cm x W 50cm x H 54cm x Wt. 24.0kg

Maximum User Weight

110kg / 242lbs / 17.2 Stones

Guarantee Period / Suitability

12 Months Parts Supply - Domestic Use Only.


These are ideal for working out on at home on your own, or in a group. You can find the Aerobic Speed Bike in our Exercise Bike category but really it deserves one of its own - half spinner, half cross trainer but more intense than either it truly is in a league of its own. 


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