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The fat burning zone

24 Mar 2022

The mythical fat burning zone - does it really exist?  Apparently so and it refers to a specific "beats per minute" range that when your heart rate is within is the most conducive to burning fat.  There are some calculations to do in order to find your own tailored fat burning zone, which largely depend on a persons age and resting heart rate. But generally looks something like this; 

chart showing fat burning zone at different heart rates

To acheive a steady heart rate within the limits of the fat burning zone may take some practice, either by turning up the resistance on your exercise apparatus and exercising slower, or having an easier resistance level but exercising at a faster pace.  Please note that this is only a guide and is based upon a normally healthy person, if you have had or have existing heart problems then you should always consult your doctor or GP before undertaking any exercise programme.