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Improving fitness with cardio training

24 Mar 2022

Cardio = heart & lungs.  Just like muscles, if these organs are trained correctly and safely then they can be improved.  Any form of exercise that makes your heart beat faster and has you breathing deeper is working your cardiovascular system which should, if done correctly, improve your fitness and ultimately your health.  Our range of cardio training machines can help you to achieve this, exercise bikes, cross trainers, treadmills and rowing machines are all great examples of cardio equipment.  Perfect to use if you’re not one to go out street running or road cycling and tackling the associated drawbacks and even dangers involved there.  

During cardio training, a healthy persons heart rate will begin from resting point and steadily progress higher and faster until they firstly get to the fat burning zone (the best place to stay if weight loss is the only goal). From there they will progress past the fat burning zone and into the aerobic training zone, meaning their heart rate is now beating much faster and their breathing is also deep and more frequent - this is the aerobic zone where the body is working optimally and taking in all the oxygen it needs to maintain the current level of exercise (the ideal place to stay if fitness is the priority).  Past this however and they would begin training like an pro athlete and eventually their body would be working so hard that it could no longer take in as much oxygen as it needs, heart rate increases further in an attempt to compensate for this and would then enter the anaerobic zone.  Beyond this is maximum effort and can be dangerous even in elite athletes.  

The older a person gets, the lower the heart rate would be where the above levels of training are entered in to. For example, a 20 year old person may be able to enter the fat burning zone with a heart rate of 120bpm, whereas a person in their 70's may enter the same zone at only 90bpm.