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V-fit Olympic Weight Bench & 100kg Olympic Weight Set

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If you're ready to progress to the next level then this home weight bench set is for you.  Our Olympic weight bench features an adjustable incline backrest which locks in place showing which angle you're working at (flat or up to a 60 degree incline). The deep padded backrest has generous width and is comfortable enough to provide all the support you need for your upper body pushing workout. The equally comfortable padded seat also has four positions to bring the angle back when using the inclined backrest. Perfect.

The incorporated leg unit provides additional work for the lower body, load up with either Olympic discs or regular 1" weights via the included adapter.

Also included is the height adjustable preacher pad, its easy to get a good comfortable position on this bench for when sculpting your biceps with concentration curls.

Over at the back of the bench is where you will find the height adjustable barbell stands, with a simple two-position barbell catcher system directly below them. Select from six positions within a 35cm range.

Pull out the quick-release knobs and the barbell stands can be flipped around to provide further workout possibilities from behind the bench. Raise them high enough and they provide additional help when getting under the bar for barbell squats and picking up the bar for overhead pressing.

Short on room?  No problem, this versatile Olympic weight bench quickly and simply fold up after use.

But it doesn't stop there... this set comes complete with an Olympic size solid steel barbell and Olympic weight set (2" inner diameter holes) which total 100kg (220lbs) when the bar is fully loaded.  Equipped with two quick release locking collars for convenience and expedience.

2x15kg (33lb) discs

4x10kg (22lb) discs

2x5kg (11lb) discs

2 2.5kg (5.5lb) discs

15kg (33lb) Barbell

2 x Quick-Lock Barbell Collars

An all-in-one Olympic training set, delivered directly to your door - with minimal assembly required and you are ready to get stuck into the "big three" exercises, bench press, squats and deadlift, or add in overhead press & bent over rows for a more balanced workout.  Over time, add in some assistance exercises such as incline press, bicep curls, triceps press, leg extension & hamstring curl and you couldn't ask for anything more. 

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