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V-fit STB09-4 Folding Weight Bench & 50kg Weight Set

R.R.P £400.00



V-fit STB09-4 Bench with leg unit, fly attachments, height adjustable squat stands, lat tower & preacher pad - including matching V-fit 50kg weight set.

Our top of the range starter bench with all the extras which also conveniently folds for storage - now available in our new colour scheme! Perform Bench Press, Butterfly Press, Leg Extension, Leg Bicep Curl, Squats, Lat Pulldowns, Tricep extensions, Standing Bicep Curls, Concentration Bicep Curls, Upright Rows and other exercises with either a flat or incline backrest and loading upto 200kg combined user and weights upper limit. This compact adjustable weight bench is of strong sturdy construction with a tough paint finish that is ideal for the home body builder. The set includes a matching 50kg Barbell & Dumbbell set containing the following;

2 x 10kg discs
2 x 5kg discs
4 x 2.5kg discs
1 x 6kg solid steel 5ft straight barbell 
2 x 2kg solid steel dumbbell bars 
6 x solid steel spin-lock collars

A great starter weight set with featuring solid steel, etched bars and spinlock collars.

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