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V-fit STB09-1 Bench & 30kg Dumbbell Weight Set

R.R.P £235.00



V-Fit STB09-1 Folding Weight Bench with Leg Unit

This is the entry level V-fit bench which also conveniently folds for storage. Perform Bench Press, Leg Extension, Leg Bicep Curl, and other exercises with either a flat or incline backrest and loading upto 200kg combined user and weights upper limit. This compact bench is of strong sturdy construction with a tough paint finish in our new colour scheme that is ideal for the home body builder.

Includes 30kg Dumbbell Set;

Versatile and tough - these Weights are the ultimate addition to your home gym. Sculpt your muscles like a pro!

  • Solid etched steel bars
  • Includes solid steel Spin-lock Collars
  • Industry Standard 1" sizing

Included in the pack;
1 x Weight Bench
8 x 2.5kg discs
4 x 1.5kg discs
2 x 2kg solid steel dumbbell bars
4 x solid steel spin-lock collars

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